about noomi


Nice to meet you – I'm Dana, Noomi's designer and owner. I began my career as a visual communications designer, but over the years have found myself drawn more and more to fashion and textile. A few years ago I began a new and exciting chapter in my life, and today I am a proud mother of two daughters – Mika and Ellie. Becoming a parent, accompanied by a mix of joy and anxiety, has imprinted my professional identity so that ideas and sketches slowly turned into a brand, lively and energetic.

Noomi grew out of a desperate search for comfortable, aesthetic nighttime solutions, becoming a cool pajama brand that combines various themes. It's there to help girls and boys say goodbye to daytime, and confidently greet the night, acting as a "psychological agent" that mediates the change from "awake" to "asleep". Talking to customers helped me understand that their connection to the brand's character and design went far beyond wanting to sleep in a Noomi outfit: young girls and boys said they were wearing it 24/7 – to kindergarten and school, to the playground, and to after-school playdates.

The brand is unisex and is most suitable for girls and boys ages 2 to 11, who like being fashionable and chic. Colors are neutral and minimalist, which encourages girls and boys to use their imagination and fuse the clothes they wear with their own personal, unique world. All clothes are 100% high-quality cotton and are designed and made in Israel. Sewing and textiles are of the highest quality, as are all stages of production.

I invite you to step into Noomi's world, both during the day and at night, and especially – to never stop (day)dreaming.